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If you or someone you know needs help call 888-981-1457 24/7.

AWARE offers a variety of support, safety and solutions. These services are offered to victims of domestic and sexual violence regardless of age, race, creed, gender, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, class, education, economic status or HIV status.


Emergency Response

An Emergency Response Advocate helps victims by responding to hotline calls for emergency accompaniment at all hospital Emergency Departments in Mercer County, police stations, assist accessing emergency protection orders, or meeting victims in other safe, neutral locations 24/7.

24/7 Hotline

Crisis response, support and advocacy, and information and referral for victims, family and friends. Access by phone toll free.

All the services on this page are available thru this hotline or the emergency chat in the bottom right of your screen.

Individual Advocacy

Victims can talk with an advocate in person, at a safe, satellite location in Mercer County, or by phone appointment. Services are also available for supporting family members and friends.

Support Groups

Structured and peer support groups are offered throughout Mercer County for people impacted by sexual and domestic violence.

Emergency Housing

Emergency housing for victims of domestic and sexual violence is offered regionally. Program sites are located in Greenville, Grove City and the Shenango Valley.


The first pet shelter opened with a domestic violence housing program in Pennsylvania. Lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina. Some victims are reluctant to seek emergency housing for fear of retribution against their pets. This program helps victims to seek emergency housing along with their furry family members—or feathers or Pete the goldfish.

Youth Services Program

For male and female victims under (18) years of age. A staff of degreed, advocates provides individual advocacy, facilitates support groups, organizes field trips and structured child activities. Services are offered on school campuses, at safe, neutral locations in Mercer County, at AWARE program sites.

Legal Advocacy Program

A range of services are available through the AWARE Legal Advocacy office located in Mercer. Victims of all ages are helped by a team of Legal Advocates and criminal investigators to secure civil Protection Orders for domestic or sexual violence. Long-term support and advocacy for victims and supporting family/friends is provided moving through criminal court activity.

Community Collaborations


A team consisting of forensic trained nurse, AWARE advocate and responding police officer providing compassionate care for adult victims of sexual assault and domestic violence through Emergency Departments at Grove City Medical Center, UPMC-Horizon (Farrell and Greenville) and Sharon Regional Health Service 24/7.

Child Sexual Assault

A multi-system collaboration includes AWARE, the Mercer County Child Advocacy Center, Children and Youth Services, and other member agencies of the MDIT.

Elder Victim Advocacy

A successful and recognized response to victims of elder abuse, including domestic and sexual violence. AWARE and the Mercer County Area Agency on Aging have worked in partnership to serve seniors and senior-serving organizations for over a decade.


Prison Rape Elimination Act is a Federal law. AWARE works with adult incarceration facilities and youth incarceration residential facilities in Mercer County.


AWARE works with the Department of Defense to serve military personnel who have also been victims of military sexual assault trauma.

Community Engagement

Outreach Programs

Outreach activity is conducted throughout Mercer County to raise awareness about domestic and sexual violence. Display tables are placed at community events to exhibit and distribute resources.

Community Education

Education sessions for community, business and faith institutions throughout Mercer County.

School-Based Education

Range of single topic and campus engagement activity is provided through area public, parochial, charter schools as well as local colleges and Penn State, Shenango.

Professional Training

AWARE provides technical support, in-person and on-line training for professionals who work with victims of domestic and sexual violence. AWARE staff certified by the Department of Education to conduct the Mandated Reporter training can provide the required training for school districts and youth-serving organizations. An on-line training service is available on the AWARE website.

Prevention Education

With support from the Centers for Disease Control Rape, Prevention and Education program, AWARE provides evidence-based, series education on sexual and domestic violence impacting young people.