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Sexual Assault: Is it or isn’t it?

Question #1

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Verbal coercion and other control tactics can be used, as well as drugs and alcohol that impair a victim to resist.

Question #3

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1/10 of men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

Question #5

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It is never a victim’s fault that they are sexually assaulted regardless of clothing worn, behavior, or any other excuse created by the perpetrator that he could not control himself.

Question #7

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Alcohol and other drugs revokes a person’s ability to consent to sexual activity.

Question #9

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It has the lowest conviction rate of any other crime, and it is estimated that 60% of rapes and sexual assaults are never reported to the police.

Question #2

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At any point during sexual activity, a person has the right to say no and be respected. If their partner does not respect their revoked consent, it is sexual assault or rape.

Question #4

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Although illegal, marital rape does occur and there are loopholes in some states such as Texas where the perpetrator is not charged.

Question #6

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At least 80% of rapes and sexual assaults are committed by a person that the victim knows and most often, it is not weapons or physical force that is used.

Question 8

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They are premeditated actions used to gain control, not crimes of passion upon impulse.

Question #10

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All men can control their sexual urges. Rape and sexual assault are not crimes of sexual gratification, but of control and violence.

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